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Soft Mask Powder - YUJEIR / 1000 grams

Soft Mask Powder - YUJEIR / 1000 grams

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  • Soft Mask Powder for Professional Use
  • 1. Blue Cooling – (For allergy)

    Wheat germ extract, arbutin, chamomile, aloe vera, menthol and vitamins

    2. Green – (Brightening, help to reduce uneven pigment smooths wrinkles)

    Chlorophyl oxygen algae.

    3. Sea Mud – (leaving skin healthy, smooth, lustrous)

    Algae extract, green tea sea mud, avocado oil, multiple vitamins and microelements.

    4. Vitamin C – (Spot Removing)

    Rejuvenates and nourishes skin to activate cell sand safequard against black pigment while speeding up metabolism and decomposition of pigment cells to promote cell regeneration, leaving skin healthily white with shine.

    5. Whitening

    Provides the skin with an optimum of moisture, lightening the skin, and unwanted pigmentation and age spots


    Glucoprotein, polysaccharide, phospholipids, thymus gland extract, hydrolysis protein, mimosa, palm andcetyl alcohol.

    Replenishes skin with moisture and essential nutrients to activate cells moisture, firm, improving darkish and shine less skin damaged by lack of moisture.

    • 1000 grams